For land managers & owners

Photo courtesy of Greg O’Connor.

Are you a municipality, land trust, private land owner, or other land manager in the Greater Portland area curious about mountain bike-accessible trails? A big part of our work here at GPNEMBA is working with the aforementioned group to design, build, and maintain mountain bike-accessible multi-use trails as well as mountain bike-specific trails and trail systems in the area. We help land managers and land owners plan out trail systems that make the best use of their land, offer positive experiences for different types of users, and ones that mitigate user conflicts and are sustainable. We have helped interested groups chaperone their ideas for trail systems through town committees, have helped fundraise thousands of dollars for trail systems across the Greater Portland area, and bring expertise in designing, building, and maintaining sustainable trails for everyone from day-one beginners to seasoned experts. To see a list of the current projects we’re working on, click here.

Mountain biking is a growing, intergenerational sport that we believe can bring immense joy, increased connection to the land, as well as opportunities for greater physical and mental health to communities who choose to embrace it. We’re proud to say that the trail system improvements we’ve been able to help along across the region have helped bring a lot of smiles to Greater Portland, a lot of opportunity for new friendships, and new venues for the area’s youth to get outside.

If you’re curious about talking with GPNEMBA about trails and trail systems on your land, please contact us. We’d love to see how we can help!